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Hi Doug and Lisa:

Jimmy and I just want to let you know what an amazing dog Molly is. She has had only one accident in the house (which was my fault) and she walks so well on her leash and just loves her new home. She is loved by the whole neighborhood. She is already so comfortable in her new home. She hasn't even cried once. She loves going to the farm with Jimmy and she loves riding in the car/truck. She has been having a lot of fun at the park too, where she gets to run off her leash (and also at the farm too). She is so smart.

You, Lisa and the girls did an amazing job raising the puppies. My Vet told me Molly is the nicest looking Brittany he has ever seen. I will send you pictures as soon as I get them. Judy M.

Hi Doug

We have named our new puppy Bo. He is stealing everyone's heart with the cutie little face of his. We love him already. He will see the vet next week to get checked over and continue his deworm and vaccine routine. What a great puppy. Thanks for everything. Suzanna M.

Hi Everyone!

Can you believe that it has been almost a month since Oliver has been at his new home? I thought this would be a good time for an update since Oliver will be 12 weeks old tomorrow.

There are so many little things about his personality that I’m sure I’ll forget as I’m writing this, but most of all, he is just a very happy, playful, inquisitive little guy. He loves his walks where he investigates EVERYTHING he comes across. He loves meeting new people. He gets disappointed if someone walks by with out gushing all over him. He loves playing with every dog that he comes across. While all of his encounters have been friendly, he often overwhelms the older dogs with his energy and intensity. There are no calm controlled meetings with Oliver! Thanks for doing a great job raising him. Mark Y.


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